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Tips On Buying A House For The Very First Time

Without a doubt, most of us start dreaming of our very own place from nearly early childhood. Back then, we might have called it our tree house or our fort, our castle or our doll house; but regardless to the name, it was the space we called our own. As we grew older, our requirements changed, and so does the “perfect house” in our minds. Stepping into adulthood, we subconsciously keep looking for that place and working to achieve it. If you are finally at that stage where you could buy your very own place; then here are a few things you need to remember and consider…

  • Take your time – don’t be hasty when making your decision. Unlike a rented home, buying a home is much more permanent. Have as many options lined up as you can. Try not to settle for “any home”; not unless you absolutely have to. Trust us, this is a mistake many first-time buyers make.
  • The real estate agents – simplify your search by getting the help of a real estate agent. Not only will they be able to guide you to the house of your dreams, but if you choose the right one, they’ll even be able to help you find it for a lower cost. Remember to do a thorough research on them before hiring them; and if possible, go for an agency recommended by a trusted friend.
  • Get help with the legal part – regardless to whether we are first-time home buyers or not, most of us are not very familiar with the legalities regarding buying a house. To make sure that we don’t make mistakes that will cost us later, it’s always best getting help from lawyers and conveyancers. Check out conveyancing costs in Brisbane here.
  • Your safety should be your priority – even though conveyancing can help you deal with the legal part of owning your home, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be safe in it. Before purchasing your new home, make sure that it is in a safe neighborhood. It’s also a good idea to check the crime rate of the area for the past few years.
  • Pay attention to the neighbors too – apart from the above, you also need to pay attention to the neighbors themselves. Talking to them beforehand will be a good idea; especially if you want to know the neighborhood better. It’s also a great idea to try and visit the chosen house at a few diverse times. During the day, and during the night; during the week and during the week end. This will give you an idea on what to expect (traffic, noise etc.) before you buy your home.
  • Think of the future – always try to picture yourself in this house, in the future. Will it be a convenient place once you get kids? Is it safe for kids? Schools? What about if you have to buy a car? An additional car? Does it have space to build a garage? Ask yourself these questions...