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To be a millionaire by investing in property is not so easy. Here are some steps that you can try to check your luck. Flats have good return than houses and it is a better buy to let investment. If you want to go for residential property investments in London, then research well to know the advantages and disadvantages of the investment. Buy-to-let game is a long-term investment. Beach side properties may seem to return well but it will be nice to invest in a buy to let in Bristol if you have shortage of money. If you can add value to the property, it may make sound money so think of a self-contained apartment over a shop. Tax efficiency is important. If you want a maximum growth of capital, then your property’s rental income should be divided between you and your better half because it is a tax effective way. When you opt for buying family law solicitors Melbourne talk to the locals to know the exact price and make sure about the transport system, school for kids, markets and if you will get good tenants there. If you are willing to make a property portfolio, then you should hire some lawyers and accountants who you can depend. If you want to sell your main home, then you need to add some value added improvements to that property.

At the retirement age you should go for a buy-to-let in London suburbs. If you want a high return, you can then look for working professionals to share your place and make sure the cost is low. For a good rental estimate do not only trust the inexperienced real agents, but you should get some advice from an expert like the lawyers Melbourne. If you have a French property, you can then make it an exotic place with swimming pools and all the amenities and appliances and wait for the ideal time to sell.

Island properties have an outstanding potential for long term investment and it has good reselling value with Channel Island on the top of the list. Bahamas are also good. When you see a price hike in some areas it must be there is some improvement in rail roads because rail is the quickest way of the transport system. Studies have shown that airy apartments tend to have a more value than other apartments without the space as people prefer fresh air and then if you to invest in a city maisonette keep this in mind. So, plan well to invest in a buy –to-let to get maximum return.